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How To Hide a WhatsApp Chat

Hide WhatsApp Chat

Through the years, applications meant for instant messaging was born out of social media, and it has gradually replaced oral and verbal communication among people. Conversations and messages carried out by people are done mainly on smartphones with the help of instant messaging applications. Whatsapp is one of such instant messaging applications.

Since people prefer sending messages and conversations through WhatsApp instead of oral communication, in order not to sound rude, it is, therefore, essential to secure these messages and chats. However, choosing to close the WhatsApp app with an app locker will give hints that you have some things you want to hide, but it is better to hide the Whatsapp chats so that you won’t provide any signal.

Steps on How to Hide a Whatsapp Conversation on Whatsapp Chat

  1. Open the Whatsapp app on your smartphone or device
  2. Click on the chat you want to hide
  3. Hold the chat, until the green tick icon shows on the side
  4. Click on the box icon with an arrow pointing down. This icon is located on the top left corner, just beside the mute button.How to Hide WhatsApp Chat

Hiding Whatsapp chats has to do with archiving the conversations. By doing this, friends who check your WhatsApp regularly will not see any chats to check. However, to view an archived chat, scroll down until you see archived chats. Click on the chat and click on unarchive then the archived chats will be revealed.

It is effortless and straightforward to hide chats on Whatsapp, all you have to do is follow the steps stated above.

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